Dear Valued Guest,

We are very busy with appointments already so it may be a bit longer for you to wait than anticipated. We appreciate your patience.

We will be open on Sundays (9am-4pm) during social distancing.

At this present time, due to Government rules we are unable to offer beauty services.

Before your appointment please fill out the form below. Thank you.

Client Health Check Questionnaire


  • Do not attend your appointment if you feel unwell with flu like symptoms or a high temperature or live with someone with symptoms.
  • If you are feeling vulnerable, please consult your doctor for advice before making an appointment.
  • Arrive alone and with as few personal belongings as possible for your appointment at the appointed time.
  • For a child cut, only one adult permitted and no other children. (for everyone’s safety)
  • Wait outside and you will be let in.
  • We will check your temperature when you enter the salon.
  • Only guests with a booking are allowed in.
  • Wear a face mask in the salon. We can provide one if you forget.
  • Use the hand sanitiser provided and put your coat and handbag in the bag provided and keep it with you.
  • Please observe social distancing while in the salon.
  • Bring your own reading material and refreshments.
  • The staff are washing their hands between every guest, and at least once an hour otherwise.
  • Staff are wearing appropriate PPE, which is changed between every guest.
  • Hand sanitiser is available for everyone’s use, and is a requirement before services.
  • If you need to use the toilet we ask you to clean the seat and taps with an antibacterial wipe after use.
  • All sections, furniture, and all seating in the salon and beauty rooms are sprayed with disinfectant between every guest.
  • All tools & equipment are disinfected between each guest.
  • All surfaces are disinfected between every guest.
  • All commonly handled items (door handles, card machine, keyboards, etc) are disinfected after each use
  • All floors are mopped with soapy water regularly.

We thank you for your patience and understanding